Learning from interviewing

Learning from interviewing is an active learning method where students are tasked with the assignment of interviewing one or more person(s), typically (an) expert(s) in the field, and reflect on this experience either orally or in writing. Students’ roles are usually complex and also include the preparation for the interview by researching the topic, designing a list of interview questions and scheduling the interview. Students learn both by improving their factual knowledge related to the topic at hand and via the process of interviewing in itself. One example of an interview assignment is presented by Pleschová (2007).



Pleschová, G. (2007) ‘Unusual assignments as a motivation tool’, Conference on Creativity or Conformity Cardiff, 8-10 January, available at: http://www.creativityconference07.org/presented_papers/Pleschov%C3%A1_Creative.doc.